One of the most important roles that we have as the Science & Tech Parents is to support club and extra-curricular activities that may not otherwise be available given limited school budgets. STP funding benefits our award-winning debate and robotics teams, fencing and ultimate Frisbee teams, as well as drama productions, musical groups, snowboarding and service learning trips—to mention just a few. In addition, the STP budget also supplements funding for school socials, teacher appreciation events, sports teams that reach state championships, school-wide community events such as Jubilee, and capital improvements like reading furniture, storage sheds, and spectator benches.

We believe these clubs, activities, events, and improvements help make our school, a community. Thank you for your support!



Support DSST: Stapleton When You Shop or Buy Gas!

By using a DSST: Stapleton STP designated Kings Soopers Gift Card, 5% of the purchases you already make are donated to the school.  And best of all, you can still use your loyalty card.  This is an easy cost-free way to make a big impact! 

How It Works:
1.     If you don’t already have a King Soopers Gift Card, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required">Mandy Lindsay
2.     At the Grocery Store:

  • When you arrive at the checkout counter—before the clerk beings to ring up your groceries—ask him/her to load the desired amount on your card using your credit card, check or cash (you can also do this at the Customer Service desk).
  • Use the now loaded gift card to pay for your groceries.
  • At the Gas Pump: Use the pre-loaded gift card to pay for your purchase.

DONATE NOW!One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

Over 85% of our funding comes directly from our families.
Even a small donation can make a big impact!

Support the activities your kids love with a one-time or monthly donation and rest assured that every dollar you donate goes directly to the DSST: Stapleton STP budget.


Join the fun and help raise money for DSST: Stapleton this Spring!
If you haven’t attended Marchfest, don’t miss it this year! Marchfest is more than our biggest fundraiser of the year, it’s a chance to socialize at an adults-only event with other parents, teachers, and staff while you enjoy delicious food, beverages, music and fun!